CharCoat Cable Coating

CharCoat CC Cable Coating is now the most sought after Cable Fire Protection coating in the market today.

Our CharCoat Cable Coating is “built for purpose” in Fire Rating electrical cables and cable systems in Hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon environments (currently up to 90 minutes).

For over 20 years CharCoat has been supplying the most up to date solutions to stop electrical cable fires. CharCoat CC, our highly approved Intumescent Latex Cable Coating stops fire from spreading on the cable surface at the source and simultaneously increases the fire resistance of the Electrical Power, Control or Communication Cables. (single, grouped or in tray) for:

  • 90 minutes under IEC 60331-11/21 (1100°C)
  • 90 minutes under IEC 60331-11/21 (750°C)

Indisputably, some of the most dangerous and highly flammable materials in a workplace are Electrical Cables (sheaths). Whether on HV, MV or LV Electrical Cables, fire will spread along the surface of the cable to other areas of the facility; not only spreading fire and causing destruction, but also releasing lethal toxic gases such as hydrochloric gas produced by the burning PVC cables. Couple this with water and you have Hydrochloric Acid, which will spread through a facility rendering all electronics obsolete.

The original function of cable coatings was to prevent flame propagation (spread of flame) and stop the loss of assets due to cable fires. There is no doubt that spread-of-flame coatings do stop fires. However, the cable is then lost to the fire, necessitating cable replacement with ensuing downtime, which can last for weeks.

Spread of flame coatings are applied to stop flame propagation only (IEC 60332-3), they are not installed to save the cable. CharCoatCC on the other hand stops the flame spread and saves the cable. CharCoat CC is not only tested to IEC 60332-3, but also to IEC60331-11 and IEC60331-21 (750⁰C and 1100⁰C). This is a massive difference in protecting the asset and minimizing downtime and cost.


  • After exposure to 870°C for 10 minutes, the expansion rate is 600-700%.
  • Fire resistance duration of up to 90 minutes at 750°C and 1100°C.
  • Water-based latex base, non-toxic/harmless.
  • Single-component material, solvent-free, mercury-free, and asbestos-free, non-corrosive.
  • Excellent weather resistance and aging resistance.
  • 100% UV stable.
  • Retains elasticity after curing.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and acids.
CharCoat CC 電纜防火塗料

Application Range:

  • New or existing cable systems
  • High-voltage or low-voltage cables
  • Cables in need of maintenance
  • When exposed to flames or temperatures exceeding 175°C, CharCoat CC forms a protective expanding char. After a cable has been subjected to a fire, and if it can still function properly, there is no need for replacement. Only the charred portion of the coating needs to be completely removed, and a new coating can be applied.

International Certification Standards

通過FM、IEC & ASTM E 84 等相關認證
Certified through FM, IEC, and ASTM E 84 among other relevant certifications.
  • FM3971:1990 – Fire-resistant coatings for bunched cables (Testing criteria: current-carrying capacity, current-carrying ability, saltwater testing, dielectric strength, flammability).
  • IEC 60331-11 – Fire resistance test for cables at 750°C and 1100°C for 90 minutes.
  • IEC 60331-21 – Fire resistance test for cables at 750°C and 1100°C for 90 minutes.
  • IEC 60332-3-22 – Flammability test.
  • BS476 Part 6 & 7 – Flammability test, Class 0.
  • BS6853 – Smoke index and toxic smoke.
  • BS6853 D.8.4. – Smoke density test.
  • ISO 5660 – Smoke production test.
  • ASTM E 84.
  • ASTM E 162.
  • ASTM D4256-83 – Radiant panel, heat release rate – 5.83 (after curing for ten weeks).
  • Complies with LEED v4.1 – Requirements of 19g/L.
  • ASTM D2565 – Accelerated ultraviolet stability test (ASTM G155) – 100% UV stable.

Project Achievements

Cable Fire-Resistant Paint Spray Project
Procurement and Installation of VCM
YearOwnerProject NameLocation
2023Taiwan Plastics ○Solid Fireproof MortarKaohsiung
2023Taiwan Chloro ○Cable Fire-Resistant Paint Spray ProjectKaohsiung
2023Taiwan Plastics ○Solid Fireproof MortarKaohsiung
2022Taiwan Plastics ○Cable Fireproof MortarKaohsiung
2022Taiwan Plastics ○Cable Fireproof MortarKaohsiung
2022Taiwan Plastics ○Cable Fireproof MortarKaohsiung
2022Taiwan Plastics ○Cable Fireproof MortarKaohsiung