UNIFRAX Fyrewrap

UNIFRAX Fyrewrap

“Fyrewrap Cable Insulation®” is a thin and flexible insulation material designed to provide fire protection for cable trays and circuits. Its purpose is to ensure the integrity of electrical circuits when exposed to external hydrocarbon fires. This insulation material allows critical equipment to continue running or safely shut down during emergency situations.

Our company’s cable insulation, cable tray, and pipeline fireproof materials adhere to the global standards recognized by FM (Factory Mutual Insurance Company). They have also passed standard tests such as ASTM E1725 for temperature integrity, ASTM E1529 for circuit integrity, and ASTM E-84 for surface burning characteristics.


The core material of the Fyrewrap Cable Insulation® product utilizes Insulfrax® high-temperature ceramic fiber insulation. It is encased in an outer layer reinforced with fiberglass fabric and aluminum foil, providing excellent performance in the form of a non-combustible blanket.

符合 API 美國石油組織2218規範,依照UL1709升溫曲線設計
It complies with the API (American Petroleum Institute) 2218 specification and is designed according to the UL1709 temperature-rise curve.
FM  認證


Cable trays, circuits, etc.

Project Achievements

YearOwnerProject NameConstruction Location
2023Rising InternationalPipeline Fireproof CoatingYunlin
2023Taiwan PetrochemicalCable Fireproof Coating (Compliant with UL1709 Standard)Yunlin
2017-2018Taiwan PetrochemicalCable Fireproof Coating (Compliant with UL1709 Standard) ProjectYunlin
2017-2018Taiwan PetrochemicalCable Fire-resistant Blanket CoatingKaohsiung
2017-2018Taiwan PetrochemicalConversion Plant Cable Fireproof Blanket CoatingYunlin
2012-2013Chungo EngineeringElectric Pipe Fireproof Coating ProjectKaohsiung
2017Chungo EngineeringInstrument Cable Tray Fireproof Coating ProjectKaohsiung
2014Taiwan Chemical FiberCable Fire-resistant Blanket Coating ProjectYunlin
2014Taiwan PetrochemicalCable Wire Fireproof Coating ProjectYunlin
2012Taiwan PetrochemicalCable Fire-resistant Blanket Coating ProjectYunlin
2012Chungo EngineeringPower Cable Fireproof Flame Retardant Treatment ProjectKaohsiung