Fire Resistance and Acid, Alkali Resistance

Fire resistance and acid and alkali resistant

ur company specializes in refractory and acid-resistant engineering. We provide a wide range of materials, design, construction, and repair services related to refractory and acid-resistant applications, including industrial furnaces, kilns, equipment, pipelines, and furnace linings.

We have a rich track record of serving major companies such as CPC Corporation, Taiwan, Formosa Plastics Group, Taiwan Chlorine, Taiwan Benzene, Chang Chun Group, and Kuo Chuan Precision, among others, as a professional refractory and acid-resistant engineering provider.

Application ScopeMaterials
Shaped Refractory MaterialsVarious types of refractory bricks, insulation bricks
Unshaped Refractory MaterialsCastable refractory mortar, spraying materials, plastic refractory mortar
Ceramic Fiber MaterialsFiber bricks, fiber blankets, fiber boards, fiber paper, foamed fiber spraying
Fast Repair MaterialsSilplate Mass high-temperature paint, pumpable fiber injection material

Project Achievements

Various Types of Refractory Bricks
Annealing Furnace Wall Refurbishment Project. Foamfrax
Emergency Furnace Refractory Repairs. Silplate Mass
Online Refractory Material Repair for Heating Furnace. Pumpable
Annual Maintenance Contract